GAUDÍ: Forms and rocks

GAUDÍ: Forms and rocks. This display case shows the ten rocks that are moat frequentley used in building the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, as a contribution by the museum to the Year of Gaudí.
Students and visitors to the museum will find descriptions and explanations of the uses of these rocks, as well as slides of them produced with a petrographic microscope, which light up when you touch the glass cover of the rocks displays.

These rocks include, among others, red porphyry from Yazd in Iran, travertine from the Bagni di Tívoli in Italy, sandstone from Sant Vicenç de Castellet, sandstone from Montjuïc, basalt from Bagnoregio in Italy, granite from Òrrius in the Vallès Oriental, white marble from Macael and granite from La Floresta in the Garrigues. Alongside this display they are photographs of the parts of the Sagrada Familia in which these rocks have been used.