It is a contribution of the Valentí Masachs Geology Museum to the knowledge of the phenomenon of CLIMATE CHANGE, from the geological point of view and as a natural cause.
The climatic changes detected in the course of the geological history of the Earth, have been of a slowness that is calculated in millions of years, and that obviously have not been induced by anthropic causes.
Here the changes in the geographical distribution of flowers and fauna are exposed, explained with the help of current elements imported from intertropical countries, comparing them with fossils from the museum’s paleontological collection.
Aimed at anyone interested in knowing more about the phenomenon of Climate Change and who wishes to actively approach, to solve one of the great challenges facing humanity.
Didactically focused information is offered to teachers and students of all levels, especially Biology, Earth Sciences and the Environment. Everyone can choose the information level that interests them, since there is the possibility of approaching it from a high scientific level to the most popular informative form.
By the concept of “knowing more”, the visitor has a collection of QR codes that can be captured with the mobile and thus take the information home.