Display cases showing the industrial applications of minerals (IV)

This showcase shows which products are obtained from wolfram (or tungsten), molybdenum, rhenium, chromium, titanium, cobalt, manganese and nickel minerals.

The first 4 minerals of tungsten, molybdenum rhenium and chromium, form the group of so-called “refractories”, as they melt at high temperatures and among other applications are used to make filaments of bulbs and widia (tungsten), molybdenum and chromium alloys to make high-speed cutting steels and rhenium for aircraft engines. Titanium is a metal widely used in bone (hip) prostheses, cobalt for magnets and dental correctors, manganese is used in the manufacture of batteries and steel, and nickel is used in the manufacture of bone prostheses. and as an alloy in the manufacture of euro coins.