Temporary exhibitions

The purpose of this case, in addition to known paleontological richness of Bages and some districts of Catalunya Central, we encourage donations disinterested of geological material to museums, public institutions.

Since its opening on June 1980, the Museu de Geologia Valentí Masachs start their exposures equipment donated by the founder himself, Dr. Valentí Masachs. Since then, contributions through donations and bequests have been coming (Closas i Miralles, Carles Curto, Jaume Serrate).

Now you can see in these showcases the remarkable donations of Mr. J. Antonio Valdivielso (Igualada), the Mr Lluís Ribera (Oliana), which highlights a new genus and new species of fossil mollusk in the family porcelains (Olianatrivia Riberai), the first holotype Museum, the legacy of Mn. Feu, the Institut Català d'Historia Natural (Group Bages) and various donations from people in Bages.

As temporary storage, there is a sample of vertebrate paleontology at the Museum of Moiá - Coves del Toll.

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